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Ako3™ provides astaxanthin as it is found in nature — in amounts that make it an effective 100% natural antioxidant source.

Antioxidants protect cells in the body against harmful free radicals; free radicals are implicated in the etiology of numerous human health disorders and diseases, such as cancer, aging and atherosclerosis.

The cells in our bodies are constantly exposed to free radicals. Molecules which trigger oxidation of vital components and causing oxidative stress. The oxidative stress increases with aging and in connection with many diseases or intensive physical activities. Chronic inflammations and infections are other areas in which free radicals are one of the contributory factors.

Upon indigestion astaxanthin is accumulated in all organs in the body. Within the organ and in the cells astaxanthin is present in the lipid structures that build up the cell membrane and structures within the cell like the mitochondria.

As a very effective antioxidant astaxanthin protects the components in the lipid membranes from rancidity or oxidation. Astaxanthin, unlike other antioxidants, also has the unique ability to span through the lipid bi-layer of the cell membrane. Therefore, it helps protecting lipids and other sensitive components in the cell membrane and within our bodies from reactive oxygen species and oxidation.

Thereby astaxanthin support the functionality and vitality of the cells that form our bodies. By protecting the membranes astaxanthin also possess strong anti-inflammatory effects. Since astaxanthin is taken up all over in the body supplementation with astaxanthin contributes positively on a range of different indications.

Astaxanthin is one of nature’s most powerful antioxidants, shown to have a thousand times higher antioxidative (free radicals) capacity than Vitamin E.

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