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MC, S.L. is a subsidiary of the Swiss company IHISA. We are the exclusive retailers of the novel and effective nutritional supplement called “AKO3™ Krill Oil (Euphausia Superba) produced in Norway specifically by the biotechnology company AkerBiomarine. (www.bioakerbiomarine.com)

AkerBiomarine is a world leader in the production of Antarctic krill oil from the "Euphausia Superba" species which is harvested from the Antarctic Ocean (the purest water in the world) using sophisticated methods and adhering to strict catch quotas. The product is fully traceable from catch to the end user and environmental sustainability is fully guaranteed.

The main duties of MC, S.L. are the retailing and long-term scientific monitoring of nutritional products and supplements based on rigorous clinical studies published by the international scientific community and available to the general public.

MC, S.L. has also committed to publishing the scientific references on which these nutritional products are based in each of its retail and advertising documents.

Our main objective is to furnish technologically advanced, high value-added products based on the latest scientific discoveries with the ultimate aim of enhancing quality of life in the most natural way possible.

For further information please contact us at the following addresses:

MC, S.L. (in Spanish, English, or French)
Calle Florida, nº 1 – Nave 13
28670 –Villaviciosa de Odón – Madrid – Spain – European Union
Telephone: +(34) 916 658 813 – Fax: +(34) 916 164 817

Aker BioMarine ASA. (in English or Norwegian)
Fjordalleen 16, N-0115 Oslo, Norway
Telephone: (+47) 24 13 00 00 – Fax: (+47) 24 13 01 10

M.D. Hogne Vik, Executive Vice-President - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Documentation, Aker BioMarine,
Cell: +47 24 13 00 00

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